#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

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If you look at history, since ever humans entered the „stage of life“ imprisonment and enslavement was ever-present!
No matter if enslaving their own species starting in the middle ages or in the modern era, human mankind always tried to depress certain people, groups or other species in order to accomplish personal benefits and show dominance.

Why? I have no answer to this, as I am raised to live in harmony with other people, species and our environment and nature. There is no, „you“ or „me“ – it should always be a „we“ or „us“ with respect!

Well coming back to enslaving and depressing species, we were confronted with 2 tragic, senseless and unnecessary incidents in zoos. The first was a suicide in Santiago de Chile / Chile, where a man jumped into the lion´s enclosure and tried to commit suicide. The zoo staff decided to fire live rounds at the lions, killing one male and one female lion in the process. These 2 lions did not decide to be there and they had no choice as they were enslaved innocently and senselessly killed by this incident.

The second incident was  in the US at The Cincinnati Zoo, where a western lowland gorilla was shot and killed on Saturday after a 4-year-old boy slipped into the animal’s enclosure. The name of the Gorilla was Harambe, who didn’t ask to be confined, he didn’t ask to be put on display for humans to gawk at and he didn’t ask for an eternity of imprisonment, nor did he ever get a choice.

„The headlines are slandering Harambe, as if he ‚aggressively‘ attempted to kill the child. The video shows him carefully checking the child out, and then what appears to be actually protecting him from the crowds of screaming humans. If he wanted to kill the child, he would have. Harambe shouldn’t have lost his life, because he shouldn’t have been in a zoo in the first place. Zoos are disgusting, money-making machines that imprison animals against their will. No amount of enrichment can ever equate to a life of freedom for an animal.
Incidents like this wouldn’t happen if zoos didn’t exist. People wouldn’t justify imprisoning animals for conversation purposes if poaching didn’t exist. Poaching wouldn’t exist if ignorant, selfish and/or dumb consumers didn’t purchase animal and wildlife products. Stop consuming, stop supporting animal exploitation and stop being so selfish.“
Quote: Ashely Avci via Facebook; 30th May 2016

Start reflecting about your daily behaviour, is it only a „me“ or a „we“ behaviour, you are living each day?!

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