#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

Mother Earth

Oil and garbage pollution in the water.

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Deforestation logging of rainforest in Malaysia

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There once was a British pop band who had lyrics saying „The world is my oyster“. The world is fortunately still existing, but it lies in ruins.

Our planet once provided us humans with everything we needed in abundance. There was enough clean water in the rivers for us to drink. There was clean water in our oceans to provide us with plenty of fish to eat. There were enough fruits in nature and berries in the woods we could collect to satisfy our hunger. There were animals to be hunted and feed our children!

Piece by piece this construct was destroyed by humans. Mother earth was not made for more than 7 billion people living on it, still growing. The industrial revolution brought progress to us, made things allegedly easier for us, yes. But on the other hand air pollution and water pollution started in a way we did not think about at that point of time.

Our once called „blue planet“ cannot handle this vast amount of people anymore! More and more people gaining financial prosperity, also in countries that once were called third world countries want to participate in this wealth. They want meat, with this the factory farming gets bigger and bigger and more perverted every day. Our oceans show more and more signs that they fight back, they are dirty and polluted.

Mother earth becomes destroyed every day a little bit more and it cannot be „repaired“ as the destruction is irretrievable! Animal species, plant species disappear, our poles melt away and with them again precious species will disappear soon from our planet!

It is all in our own hands, but humans seem only to react when it will be too late.

If you want change, be the change, every single one of you!

Start with something and help to stop the insanity …

… of Fukushima dumping radioactive contaminated water into our oceans

… of hunting precious animals such as lions, elephants, cheetahs, gorillas, just for fun

… of drive hunts for dolphinds and small whales in Taiji / Japan

… of hunting whales in the southern oceans by Japanese whale fleets

… of plastic waste every day

… of polluting our air, driving each and every distance by car

… of showing no more respect to life, environment and our all word



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