#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

me in taiji

me @taiji harbour


I have traveled from Germany to be a voice for the dolphins of Taiji.

„For the last 2 years I’ve wanted to travel to Taiji to be a voice for the dolphins, and this year I made my way to Japan to volunteer and support Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians.
Arriving in Taiji for the first time was kind of surreal and cannot be compared to all the documentations, such as watching ’’The Cove.“ Everything becomes real and you can see the faces of the killers laughing while going out on their boats, which made my heart cry every single time! The feelings you have standing nearly face to face with these heartless killers is hard to explain unless you have experienced it for yourself.

I could only make it for a short time this year, but I will definitely come back and be a voice for the dolphins, because this insanity has to stop! I want to give my 6 years old little son the opportunity to experience wild dolphins in the future, so we all have to do all we can to save them!
Dolphins are intelligent and social beings, that live in close family groups. They feel, they call each other names, and are just a precious present from the ocean.

No one has the right to do these barbaric drive hunts that start early in the morning with the boats that go out with the killers from the harbour. It is just NOT right what they do!

We prayed every morning for a ’blue cove’ day and stood strong together as the Cove Guardians. The time I spent here changed my life, even though it was a short one. Standing together as a group and fighting for these beautiful animals together, gave much to me!

Let the dolphins swim free, they belong to the wild“!


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