#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

incredible boat trip off shore Fuerteventura/Spain with a marine biologist

… in May 2014 we had this incredible boat trip with „I.C.E.N.A.i“, a marine biologist on board and only a very little group … it was awesome.
humans should remember our beautiful world and oceans, rather than destroying them each and every day.

everyone can make a difference … BE EVERYONE!

…we spotted „bryde whales“, „common dolphins (delphinus delphis)“ and „red tunas“

just watch and enjoy!!!

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  1. Ariel says: 6. März 201609:57

    Ric O’Barry chose Taiji because it was a clenaer story: Dolphin round-up, sale of the photogenic victims to buyers, and slaughter of all of the rest. The fishery is not making enough money on the meat to justify the effort, so without the captive animal trade it would go under.But the story gets more complicated: The captive animal trade is going on all over the South Pacific; dolphins are captured that end up in dolphinariums and dolphin swim experiences everywhere. If you have seen a captive dolphin at a theme park, or swam with one somewhere, you have witnessed this brutality in action.Purportedly parks and aquariums in the US are prohibited from accepting dolphins procured this way. But the loophole is that they can take dolphins that are already in captivity from parks or aquariums that are going under. Thus there are a lot of dolphin laundries that open up to take in dolphins, then go out of business and have to place their stock.I understand that the Tijii dolphins sell for $150k to $200k. Perhaps more now that they are under global scrutiny. Let folks know about this, as it will hopefully stem the popularity of these cruel, exploitative facilities.

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