#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

Japan / Taiji 2014

Days as a Cove Guardian are usually very long days! You get up very early in the morning, as the hunting boats leave the harbour very early.
So you get up around 04:00, drive to Taiji and take your position at Taiji harbour. You see the killers walk by very very close, you all can imagine how you feel looking into their eyes and see them walking „to work“ as it is the most common thing in the world. Then they enter their boats by 2 killers and leave the harbour in order to find a pod they can chase into the killing cove, kill them and taking captives.
We all never understood why they all wear white rubber boots. They try not to look into our direction, but some of them do.

Every single day, you stay there, being chased by the police behind you and eyeball to eyeball with the killers … all you can do is showing the world how wrong this is and how Japan positions itself as a cruel nation not caring about wildlife, sustainability and animals.

Banger boats leaving Taiji harbour!

Banger boats leaving Taiji harbour!


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Until today, the 17th December 2014 we have 209 dolphins killed in total:

Bottlenose: 11

Risso´s: 183

Short Finned Pilot Whales:  15

In November 2 possibly albino Risso´s were taken as live-capture.  These will be sold for sure to an aquarium for live long imprisoning performing stupid tricks for bored humans!

Of this above mentioned total, all were slaughtered for human consumption, though the meat is highly contaminated!

R.I.P little souls!

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Almost 1 year ago, I started my first trip to Japan. Actually I did not feel travelling to Japan, it was more an unknown destination with many pictures in my mind. During the complete rtrip until I finally reached this small enclave of atrocities my mental cinema was turned on. The trip started in Frankfurt with direct destination to Osaka, which was a comfortable flight, only half occupied. Arriving in Osaka in the morning, I made my way to the train station at the airport, booked my tickets to Katsuura and started an approx. 4,5 hours train ride. Still thinking about what I will expect to happen the next weeks and made my way being awake for approx. 20 hours now.

Arriving in Katsuura in the afternoon I was picked up by lovely Cove Guardians. It was a subdued mood, as this morning there was a successful driving hunt and many bottlenose dolphins were killed and selected for captivity!

As mentioned at the beginning, all this was 1 year ago. Besides more attention in the international press, more celebreties who are involved in the campaign „Infinite Patience“ and spreading the „word“, no significant changes happen. The driving hunts still go on, the Japanese people in the „Wakayama“ prefecture still eat mercury poisoned dolphin and whale meat …

Richard O´Barry once said as part of the script of „The Cove“:
„If we can’t stop that, if we can’t fix that, forget about the bigger issues. There’s no hope.“

Unfortunately he is still right!

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Today we register the 12th consecutive Blue Cove day since the atrocities of the drive hunting  this season 2014/2015 started over again.
The killers found 2 pods early in the morning, from which one could escape fortunately quickly. The other pod fighted hard and thank god they won their bitter struggle and could escape after approximately 4 hours. It was not only the victory of the smart souls of this dolphin pod, but also a big triumph of nature against the greed of human kind! All this happening in Taiji is not about culture, but only money and greed!

Let us all hope, we can count as much Blue Cove Days as we can and let our hearts be with all dolphins passing Japan / Taiji in these days!

Dolphins off shore Fuerteventura

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… close your eyes for a moment of silence. breathe constantly and steady. imagine you are under water, playing with your family and swimming through the broad expanses of the ocean, looking for fish and just be. your mother, father and aunts are with you in harmony – deep and blind understanding for each other. these are your best years and besides finding food is getting harder since several years and the increasing noise pollution, you love your unburdened and happy life in the ocean.
suddenly you hear a harrowing, maddening sound, that confuses and frightens you. your family huddles together and you do not really know what is happening, but this harrowing wall of sound drives you in a certain direction. it keeps confusing you for hours and your body and mind becomes tired. you find yourself in #thecove, you have never been here before, you here undefinable noises and voices from beings you never experienced before in your life. your family is frightened, everybody is huddling together in fear … the broad expenses of the ocean become tighter and tighter, no escape and suddenly the blue water turns red … your last breath!

pod of bottlenose dolphins trapped in "the cove"

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Today we face the start of the dolphin hunt season 2014 / 2015!

All this unnecessary, wrong and evil action will start from today on and will presumably end march 2015.

This little town in the prefecture of Wakayma, Japan that goes by the infamous name of Taiji and is also known as hell on earth or ground zero for dolphins released a hunt quota for this year´s season of 1938 cetaceans. The Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians will stay on ground and witness the brutal killing and let the world know, what is going on there.

It has nothing to do with culture! These atrocities are based on greed only!

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A quota of 1938 cetaceans are set to die for the 2014/2015 hunting season!

This quota is made up as follows:

70 false killer whales
114 short finned pilot whales
134 Pacific white sided dolphins
261 Risso’s dolphins
400 Pantropical spotted dolphins
450 striped dolphins
509 bottlenose dolphins.

The eyes of the world are on you Japan!

2014/2015 quota, wakayama

(image used by courtesy of ceta-base.org)

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