#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

#blog – eco trips worldwide, protection of maritime wildlife and animal conservation

1 year ago I travelled to Taiji …

Almost 1 year ago, I started my first trip to Japan. Actually I did not feel travelling to Japan, it was more an unknown destination with many pictures in my mind. During the complete rtrip until I finally reached this small enclave of atrocities my mental cinema was turned on. The trip started in Frankfurt with direct destination to Osaka, which was a comfortable flight, only half occupied. Arriving in Osaka in the morning, I made my way to the train station at the airport, booked my tickets to Katsuura and started an approx. 4,5 hours train ride. Still thinking about what I will expect to happen the next weeks and made my way being awake for approx. 20 hours now.

Arriving in Katsuura in the afternoon I was picked up by lovely Cove Guardians. It was a subdued mood, as this morning there was a successful driving hunt and many bottlenose dolphins were killed and selected for captivity!

As mentioned at the beginning, all this was 1 year ago. Besides more attention in the international press, more celebreties who are involved in the campaign „Infinite Patience“ and spreading the „word“, no significant changes happen. The driving hunts still go on, the Japanese people in the „Wakayama“ prefecture still eat mercury poisoned dolphin and whale meat …

Richard O´Barry once said as part of the script of „The Cove“:
„If we can’t stop that, if we can’t fix that, forget about the bigger issues. There’s no hope.“

Unfortunately he is still right!

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